Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R - Is Gold Allowed?Perhaps I changed a little over the last number of years or at best my taste did, on the other hand am warm up to gold replica watches. Not just did I think these folks were often too gaudy, tacky or whatever label you wish to use, I also was of the opinion that particular replica watches must be in metal only. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe Nautilus are excellent degrees of that thought.However, like I wrote, I will be warming up to gold replica watches and in many cases gold versions these classic stainless-steel luxury sports replica watches. Not how Gerald Genta meant these to be perhaps, but because long as it's done with the absolute maximum respect for the original design, I'm able to be fine by using it. However, We are still a purist and am torn relating to the real deal in steal or warm shade of gold. Because it's a watch that should not be worn during sports anyway in my opinion, gold can even be employed for a watch in this way.When I first saw this piece I just shrugged my shoulders and believed to myself that the steel Nautilus reference 5711/1A or even the vintage 3700/1A would be the the one which I will own the ideal. Period. But once I needed my appointment inside the Patek Philippe booth in Basel but happened to be to see and then try the modern Nautilus in gold, rubber watch bands I wasn't so sure that anymore.The modern Nautilus in gold can be an amazing looking watch, even with a pale skin like mine I think I could pull it off. The location where the stainless steel version - i always often tried - feels comfortably light (there exists still enough weight to be sure you the watch continues), wrist watches the gold version features a larger presence. watches The body weight of the gold doesn't make you forget what's on the wrist. In addition to the weight aspect, the presence can also be there due to the warm shade of gold. As a result of very recognizable form of finish involved and bracelet, this watch will not look tacky or flashy in gold.A gold Nautilus isn't something totally new. Actually, the first Nautilus reference (3700/1A) was also stated in gold in those late 1970s. Later Nautilus models were sold in gold (such as the reference 5980 chronograph), but never the reference 5711/1A. Patek Philippe chose to use rose gold for that case and bracelet and as opposed to the blue/green-ish dial in the stainless steel version; they've picked this warm chocolate brown colour for the dial. It gives the watch an incredibly classy look and making you overlook the fact that a Nautilus really should be a stainless steel watch only.Actually, it taught me to be ponder whether a gold Nautilus 5711/1R can be something a purist might get away with. Aside from the fact that there actually was an original 1970s 3700/1A in gold, it is possible to debate if the current 5711/1A isn't already too far away from the original 3700/1A series for the purist (this is a comparison between your 3700/1A and 5711/1A). The see-through case back, the second hand this guide it may not be a monocoq case anymore, already definitely makes the 5711/1A a sophisticated interpretation with the original 3700/1A.The best solution perhaps will be to own an original Patek Philippe 3700/1A in stainless steel and also have the Nautilus 5711/1R in rose gold as a modern watch. Find out how My business is trying to find excuses to own both? The newest Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1R is an excellent instance of the way it carried out in gold. Employment well done by Patek Philippe. The Genta adept inside me will likely always desire that mint condition 3700/1A in steel, a rose gold 5711/1R within the wrist will make that hunt a tad bit more bearable.Price: CHF 45.000,- Swiss Francs (excluding VAT). replica asia omega watches
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