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#TBT Bulova Sea Hunter Chronograph Body Wild Watch!I'm staring at the Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph and, frankly, I'm lost. This watch has to be probably the most polarizing vintage watch i always own. It defines strange, on the other hand see a elemental beauty in the simplicity. However, what the heck are these claims thing?!?! Where that result from and why had I neither seen nor heard about this watch ahead of only a few weeks ago? With this week's #TBT, I'll do my best to discuss around I have already been able to uncover relating to this seemingly rare chronograph and in what needs been shown to be a far greater challenge, I conducted my best to photograph this impossible beast. Let's reverse plunge off the gunwale into your murkiness with all the decidedly different Bulova Sea Hunter!Image courtesy of Watches of KnightsbridgeThe Bulova Sea Hunter Chronograph was an UnknownIt was only a few weeks ago i found myself beset in what I'm able to honestly say was the worst head cold I've informed about the final decade. Thankfully, the favorable folks at Watches of Knightsbridge prescribed a large watch auction that I could stream - they along with other in-person attendees can send their appreciate your home viewing while i was originally about to fly over and pop in to watch for just a bit. It had been an exciting and varied auction, just one piece truly stood out for me which was the Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph as pictured above. Inside an auction that had been up and down as much as activity watches , the Bulova actually sold for longer than its predicted range at 1400 GBP's. After fees, this is roughly $2,250. Now, I certainly don't consider myself united who has seen all types of vintage chronograph, but I was flummoxed, because this watch was a certain mystery if you ask me. It was time to spread out up another browser window and have to work.Searching out the Bulova Sea Hunter was a Stroke of LuckComing straight out of your "Department of these items Never Happens to Me Department", I miraculously found one Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph on the market exactly like the model which in fact had just sold at auction. To provide an idea of how lucky the find was OTHER SPORTS , I dug fairly deeply that weekend for more information information and in many cases deeper ever since then and i have unearthed about 5-6 instances of this watch on various available for purchase sites and forums.The watch I discovered was listed by Amsterdam Watch Company, a Dutch dealer magnificent shop within the equally hip Jordaan district on the well-known city. I contacted them, went though some negotiations, and also the deal ended at things i felt was a reasonable level. I stress a final part since i literally had one lead to stop of as the other listings I found were either so dated or were for slightly different replica watches with white dials, gold bezels or some mix of the 2 main. And, I waited…A little while later, the Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph arrive at my office. It's times this way i chuckle a little with this hobby because, in addition to buying old replica watches which could literally digest at any time, it's most of the case i always buy that we ever have not a clue as to if I'll love you aren't after i finally see it from the metal. Well, I shouldn't have held any concern because Sea Hunter was just what I had created expected them to be - bold, stark and downright weird.The Bulova Sea Hunter is often a true "Statement Watch"Let's formulate some particulars with the Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph because I'm guessing it is not popular. True, showcasing a design will be able to only get in touch with Aquastar or Squale, is large, fully stainless and runs about 42mm across. It features an uncomplicated 20mm lug width which makes strap fitting a breeze. The screw down case back proudly repeats the model name and tells us that watch will work for 200M of water resistance.This capability is further reinforced by the screw-down crown but weakened by cap pushers which might be likely not useable once submerged. Flipping the watch topside is how it gets interesting as this watch contains one of several craziest crystals That i have ever seen.The Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph includes a ridiculously domed acryclic crystal that can simply be referred to as a bubble. In truth aside from the Corum which gets its name from the shape of its lens, the vintage Super Squale divers featured a similar kind of aperture. This is an amazing detail that immediately adds a vintage/kitschy feel to your Sea Hunter while giving it an extremely purposeful look.   Oh, and it also makes the damn thing extremely hard to photograph without either reflecting massively or distorting or obscuring the dial details.And after that there's that massive polished steel bezel. It offers a superior some serious lateral protection for your big crystal acquire the best as being a ship's porthole.Image courtesy of panerai.comIt also reminds me plenty of certain Panerai Mare Nostrum chronographs making use of their plain bezels. Again, it is just a cool bold feature, but it does little to assist a diver measure time underwater.Dial-wise, the Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph is gloriously simple. It's gloss black with copper colored, ringed subregisters. Sub register hands are black with gold pinions. The watch features applied hour registers which might be gold and filed having a stripe of greenish tritium. Writing around the dial, such as the name and also the outer minutes track is printed in bronze color that nearly looks gilt. Anything about it - I adore the font used by the model name, yet it is mounted awfully high above center. The primary hands are executed in gold and ape the Submariner's that has a Mercedes style hour hand. The central chrono hand is often a lollipop filled with lume. Setting this hand somewhere on the dial, mind you, is apparently of having for the diver to mark her or his entry into your water.Little is understood about the Production Date or FiguresWorking yeoman-like inside Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph is the ubiquitous Valjoux 7736. It's really a manual movement that winds smoothly, runs being a workhorse and is also still simple to service. Now, checking out the watch completely, taking into account its case style, acrylic crystal and manual wind movement, I'd have you guess this Bulova's production date. Another hint - the 7736 was supposedly produced until 1978. In reality, the precise date of production remains unknown but the few sites I've seen point to roughly 1980. So, plainly was required to fathom a guess we're probably dealing with a watch that had been built-in relatively low numbers and it was burning up stocks of parts readily available. Want more intrigue? I have no proof here, nevertheless the undeniable fact that 95% in the old sales ads and forum discussions are resides in Italy, I need to wonder if the ocean Hunter was an "Italian market only" watch. This would not be unheard of - during this period, Hamilton appeared to sell 7750-powered chronographs in Italy with many quite similar color combinations. Keep in mind, if someone knows more info, I'd be happy to listen to it.Curiously, the Bulova Sea Hunter Wears WellI've been wearing the Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph consistently since I've picked up as it's so dissimilar to everything else I own. It's heavy, feels substantial, yet it's extremely comfortable. It's a great casual Friday watch that pairs really well with jeans. When the watch was available for purchase it turned out associated with a really pretty black strap with saddle stitching. I like this, but wanted something to take out the gold about the dial, therefore i requested another strap included in the deal. Amsterdam Watch Co. was good enough to add a couple of more straps to review. I've mounted the water Hunter with a really nice brown "short nap" suede out of your shop's new "vintage collection" of straps and I've thrown among my Tudor Subs using a really wild distressed brown leather piece. The suede fits the Bulova perfectly but it actually ups the Panerai-esque resemblance all the more! They're Italian made, beautifully crafted, as well as roughly 89 Euros, they're from the sweet spot of all handmade straps. rolex replica eta I'd advise you to look at their strap section to determine the massive assortment (30+ colors in 20mm) - do realize that they will fit my wimpy little wrist.Imaga ecourtesy of @watchsafariComing returning to the Bulova Sea Hunter chronograph and finding one, all the best! As stated, I've come across this watch using a gold bezel and stainless.Image due to ebay.comI've seen a white dialed version with bronze subregisters with sometimes a gold or a stainless bezel. Adding an additional variation, there is also a chronograph version that has a turning outer bezel - that bezel is turned by pulling a little crown out and rotating it. The crown sits at 9:00, audemars piguet gold which just increases the weird, weird, weird! There are also the non-chronograph versions that happen to be stylistically similar case wise but feature different dials. These replica watches are water-proof to 1000M and possess a similar blank bezel or even a turning outer bezel operable using a second crown at 2:00. Value-wise, it is extremely not easy to assess these. I gave that you figure above at a so often ago at auction, so I'd assume this really is fairly relevant more or less. For your divers, I'd assume slightly less, but perhaps that isn't the case! On these, I'd declare that selecting well at a complete loss should any pieces be missing, but movements are thankfully easy to service.The Bulova Sea Hunter is just about the most interesting replica watches I own. Additionally it is among how when i think I've seen everything there is certainly to determine, I absolutely haven't. It's actually not unlike the story plot from the Nivada Datomaster knowning that became among my personal favorite stories. As i have said earlier, I'd like to find out about this Bulova - it's really a kooky piece, having said that i think it is worth sharing here as it's too neat to cover up. Until next week�